It all started on the second floor porch of the guesthouse I called home when I moved to Haiti in 2015. I spent hours in the evening with no one with whom to verbally process my experiences. Free from the distractions of internet and electricity during these ‘off hours,’ I started writing … my thoughts, fears, experiences, pains. Looking out over the mountains of Port au Prince watching the sunset each evening, I tried to make sense of my world, my new world, while my paradigms, biases, and my very being unraveled around me. 

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I’m currently working on a memoir of my time in Haiti - how my experiences in Haiti shaped and molded me into the person I am today.

Stay Tuned…. 


I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2012, practiced in a large hospital system for 3 years prior to moving to Haiti where I treated a handful of fellow expats and local people who had various orthopedic and neurological issues. 

My experiences in many different medical settings and specialties (cardiac/telemetry, surgery, ICU, oncology, pulmonary/lung disease, outpatient neurology & orthopedics as well as the day to day running a medical clinic in a developing country) have led me to see the body as a holistic unit. We are meant to be integrated beings - putting nutritious things in our body, life-giving thoughts into our mind and soul, and engaging in physical activity that is kind to our bodies rather than for the purpose of a specific look. 

I personally love practicing yoga, cycling, participating in strength classes, walking/hiking/running, guiding others in their fitness journeys, eating clean, practicing meditation, living out my faith journey, and learning every step of the way.


My time in Haiti sparked a deep passion and awareness of the need for missionary care. “Missionary care involves spiritual, emotional, relational and physical nurture provided to missionaries by those who love and support them.”  source  

I moved to Haiti naively thinking that missionaries would be the best and nicest people I’d ever met with a common goal of serving local people.

It didn’t take long for me to see how the intense stress and pressures in my own life on the field were taking a huge toll leading to compassion fatigue and burn out. 

I watched the complexities of cross cultural living and the lack of being understood locally and from home cultures take a toll on friends, faith, marriages, children, and more. 

I personally have experienced the healing benefits of missionary care through Paracletos and several others in this field. I am committed to continuing to serve the expats in Haiti to live brave, whole, and healthy lives.