Lift Your Eyes

Sit for a while

And get still with Me

Sure there are things to do and people to see….

And there’s Me

First and foremost, always and forever, with you

guiding, holding, leading, taking you by the hand

working on your behalf

Intimately aware of the details of your life and the things you don’t know yet

I’m holding them

I’m weaving a story. Yes it’s complex.

Can you see the Great Artist at the loom spinning on your behalf?

Holding hope for you, holding space for you, holding faith for you.

Can you see?

I know your eyes are weak, I know there are worries + cares + brokenness + pride + health issues + kids + helping + burn out

I can see it all

I can carry it all

Lay down the burden for a while

Lay down the burden that it’s all up to you

Lay them down at my feet, at the cross

And Stand

Stand with your feet wide and strong

Lift up your hands to me and let out a cry, a tear, or a scream

Praise my name with a thankful heart

I am here. I am at work. I am faithful.

Can’t you see the pattern of me throughout your life?

Look up to me, lift up your eyes.

I will show you the good strong threads I have woven in your life.

I have not abandoned or rejected you.

I have not hung you out to dry or turned my back to you in response to your ‘yes’ to me.

Lift your eyes, son and daughter

Lift your eyes off the pain + brokenness of this earth

Lift your eyes from the news + media

Lift your eyes from the dysfunction in your family

Lift your eyes off the devil’s schemes

Lift your eyes off of your own darkness + habits you can’t seem to break

And place your eyes on me

I am making all things New

I am acquainted with all your ways

I am not ashamed of you + I have not left you

I see beauty, creativity, strength, authenticity, and power

Remain in me for the Ride of your life

Rest with me and you’ll Recover your life

Cling to me and bring your whole heart to me

I will heal it

I am in the business of redemption

I am in the business of the slow work of my kingdom

I am in the business of making beauty from ashes

And I, the King of the Universe, am here with you

And I am on your side.

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