Liturgy for Fear


Is a liar

Fear creeps in whispering you are not enough

You should figure your life out now

You are wasting time

When will the other shoe drop?

Fear is oppressive

When it links arms with shame, together they aim to take you out

There are days when fear wins, when its voice is the loudest

On other, sunnier days, the winners are vulnerability, bravery, and presence.

Calm and meditation push back the anxiety.

Fear says you’re not good enough

God says I am enough

Fear says what makes you think you can do that?

God says I love displaying my affection and power and glory through my creation

Fear says figure it out and gain control

God says follow me, one step, one moment, one day at a time

Fear says only you control the future

God says I hold your future, past, and present. I will reveal what you need to know in due time. Cling to my hand.

Fears says it’s too heavy and excruciating

God says my yoke is easy and my burden is light

Fear says I’m not made for that. I should stick to what I know.

God says I will not place anything ill-fitting on you. (Matthew 11 MSG)

Fear says choose someone else, not me (Exodus 4 paraphrase)

God says I will be with you. I will go before you. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Fear says there’s not enough to go around. There is lack. There is poverty and scarcity.

God says I will deal bountifully with you (Psalm 13 AMP)

Fear says it will wear me out. I will be too tired.

God says there is a sabbath rest for you to enter (Hebrews 4)

God says steal away with me and you’ll recover your life and your soul (Matthew 11)

Open up your deepest wounds to me and see what I will do with that brokenness.

I am in the business of turning ashes to beauty, fear to strength, despair to joy.

Get away with me and you’ll recover your life.

God is always at work for our greatest good.

My soul says “bless the Lord, O my soul!” (Psalm 103)

For you are a giver of good gifts

You are the supplier of life

You are the healer of the brokenhearted

You are enough

You are more than enough

And you, the God of the universe, are crazy about me.

Inviting me into relationship. Leading me. Whispering to me.

Meeting me in each day, each moment with your loving words of life, peace, compassion, rest, wholeness, abundance.

Fear is a liar.

Don’t amplify the voice of fear.