The Onaville Community Health Center

Hello Friends!

I am very sorry it's been so long since I blogged. It was a little crazy between being in the states for Thanksgiving/wedding, then back in Haiti for 3 weeks opening a lab in our clinic and throwing Christmas parties for our house and clinic staff. Then I was back in the US for the Holidays and did quite a bit of traveling.

I compiled a presentation summarizing how far we've come at the Onaville Community Health Center. We've now been open almost 4 months and I can hardly believe. I'm so thankful for each of our staff and the hard work they put in serving their community. One of the favorite parts of my day is getting to start off leading a small devotional with our nurses and ancillary staff at 8am.

Welp - here ya go!

Clinic staff on September 17th, 2015- Clinic Opening!

Started with 2 doctors, 5 nurses, security guard/translator, 2 cleaning staff, 1 clinic manager.

Patients started arriving before the clinic opened

American Heart Association- Infant Obstructed Airway course-- thanks Becky!

Helping Babies Breath Course at Grace Children's Hospital in Port au Prince


Celebrating 1 month of being open with lunch at Visa Lodge (thanks for lunch Mary G!)

Collaboration with Global Therapy Group- we transport a small group of therapy patients to GTG in Port au Prince every Wednesday as well as providing one-on-one therapy treatment at OCHC (with Rachel)

Mobile Clinic in Fonds Des Negres in  November, 2015 // 350+ patients in 1.5 days

Thank you for supporting us, encouraging us, praying over our clinic, staff, community, and sending supplies and gifts for our staff and clinic to serve the community. A lot has been accomplished in less than 4 months! Mèsi Jezi.

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