A liturgy for Spring

Springtime arrives. Slowly at first and then all at once.

Green is everywhere

The blooms and pollen and flowers teaming with new life and vigor

Reminding us that year after year the cycle continues:

New birth, revival, hope.

The hope of sunshine and warmth for body and soul

The promise that the chill of pain and darkness won’t last forever

The promise that nature births hope each spring even if we cannot

The promise that God holds hope for us

Even when we cannot muster our own

The promise that God does not depend on our faith to keep working on our behalf

The promise that we don't have to understand the pain and sin and death to bring our bleeding and broken hearts to Him

The promise that we are welcome to ask why

But that we can continue living without answers

We can continue trusting without answers

The promise that the pain won’t feel like this forever

Because spring has come and will every year

And is a gentle reminder of hope

Regardless of the season we find ourselves in

Whether you’re sitting in the pain of good Friday,

Waiting in the brokenhearted silence of Saturday,

Or celebrating in disbelief on Sunday,

God meets you in each of those places

And invites your heart and emotions

Spring has come

Hope is here

May we have the courage to usher it in

photo credit: me, April 2017,  New Haven, CT.

photo credit: me, April 2017, New Haven, CT.