A Poem

I sit here on this shore
This oh so familiar shore
Wondering if I might
Be able to take flight 
Or wondering if instead 
These wings were made to swim
And if i can do neither 
Will I simply become a deep diver 

And if I take the plunge
And dive down into the sea
Who in the world will be there to rescue me

And in the meantime I sit and ponder 
Wondering if I’ll ever be brave enough to wander 
Into that wide open sea
That has nearly drowned me 

Knowing full well 
That I have wings for flight
And wings to swim 
And a body to dive
And the ability to live

Knowing that I’m strong and brave 
But just really scared
Knowing that I’ve been brave before but parts of it hurt
Knowing that I’m strong now but less sure 
If the waves will overtake me

Photo credit: me. Lake Michigan, Pentwater, MI.

Photo credit: me. Lake Michigan, Pentwater, MI.